Cooling Agent

Cooling Agent

Cooling Agent

WS series products are mainly WS-23, WS-3, WS-5, WS-10, WS-27 and so on.
Compared with traditional mint products, this type of product has the characteristics of low bitterness, strong cooling feeling and long-lasting effect.


Other Cooling Agents

L-Menthyl Lactate

This product is a cooling agent product with better hydrophilicity, and there is no cooling agent with adverse reactions such as burning, irritation and tingling.
Properties: Transparent needle-like finely divided crystals or white powder particles.

Menthyl acetate

Colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid. Has a soft mint and rose aroma. Has a soft cooling sensation.

Menthone Glycerol Ketal

Colorless transparent viscous liquid. Enhances mint flavor and cooling in oral care and skin care products.

Synthetic Menthol

L-menthol and dl-menthol products produced by synthetic technology. The cooling effect of the product is similar to that of natural menthol.

Cooling Essence

In order to save the time, personnel, expenses and other costs of customer product research and development, the company can customize the cooling raw materials required for the production according to the customer's requirements for aroma and taste.
Convenient application: In order to facilitate customers to use the "Qingliangfeng" brand cooling essence, it is mainly divided into three types: powder, oil-soluble and water-soluble.


Oil Soluble

Water Soluble

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