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Why can wind oil be refreshing?

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(Summary description)When it comes to China's four major refreshing artifacts, the top one is definitely Fengyoujing, and some people even say "if you are tired and tired, let's have some Fengyoujing among people".

Why can wind oil be refreshing?

(Summary description)When it comes to China's four major refreshing artifacts, the top one is definitely Fengyoujing, and some people even say "if you are tired and tired, let's have some Fengyoujing among people".

  • Categories:Company News
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  • Time of issue:2022-02-11
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When it comes to China's four major refreshing artifacts, the top one is definitely Fengyoujing, and some people even say "if you are tired and tired, let's have some Fengyoujing among people".

Fengyoujing is very familiar to every Chinese. It can be said that it is a must-have at home. After mosquito bites, apply Fengyoujing to relieve itching, and when you are tired and sleepy, applying Fengyoujing can refresh the mind. Essential oils are used to fight viruses and treat constipation.

Regarding the magical uses of fengyoujing in the folk, there are quite a few! But is it really effective? Of course not, follow the editor to read down.

1. Why can wind oil be refreshing?

Fengyoujing came out of the circle again In this Olympics, seeing the Olympic athletes using Fengyoujing to refresh, with the new wave of famous scenes, some people have doubts about the refreshing effect of Fengyoujing.

Some people sigh that there is really a medical basis for Fengyoujing to refresh the mind, or its powerful smell makes people have to "wake up". To explain this problem, we have to start with the composition of fengyoujing, which is mainly made of menthol, camphor, eucalyptus oil, methyl salicylate and other ingredients.

Among them, menthol has the functions of dispelling wind, clearing heat and detoxifying. When applied to the skin, it can constrict the blood vessels of the skin and produce a cooling effect; the effect of camphor and menthol is the same. It has a certain local anesthesia and antiseptic effect; and eucalyptus oil, methyl salicylate and other ingredients can promote the blood circulation of the skin, so as to play an antipruritic and refreshing effect.

In other words, the refreshing effect of Fengyoujing really exists.

2. Drops of wind oil in the belly button can resist viruses and cure constipation? How many people are still taking it seriously?

The application of balsamic oil is very extensive in our country. Recalling that when I was a child, when I took a bath every summer, my parents would put a few drops of balsamic oil in the bath water to drive away mosquitoes. The essence is dripped in the navel, which is said to be able to cure colds. Some parents even use wind essential oil to treat constipation in their children.

However, with the development of the times and medicine, these magical effects of fengyoujing have gradually become suspicious of its efficacy.

It is true that from a medical point of view, although the refreshing effect of wind oil essence has been confirmed, but the current belly button eye drops wind oil essence can resist viruses and treat constipation. There is absolutely no scientific basis for this statement.

We mentioned above that the main components of wind oil are menthol and camphor, these components have no antiviral effect, if you want to fight virus, relying on wind oil is generally ineffective!

In addition, it is a long-standing saying that feng u essence is applied to the navel to treat constipation, and this statement is not scientific!

Indeed, there is an acupoint on the navel called Shenque Point, which can stimulate the blood circulation of the abdomen to a certain extent by dripping wind oil, but it cannot greatly improve the effect of constipation. If you want to improve constipation, you still have to exercise and improve your diet. Dropping wind oil is not reliable.

3. Fengyoujing also has these two major benefits, few people know about it

The fact that Fengyoujing can't fight viruses or treat constipation means that Fengyoujing has no other effects? That's not true. Many people know that Fengyoujing can be applied externally, but few people know that it can also be taken orally. The effect of external application and internal application of wind oil essence will also be different.

external application

Dropping wind oil essence on the belly button can not cure constipation, but it can treat abdominal pain to a certain extent. For some abdominal pain caused by eating too much cold food or catching a cold, it can have a good relief effect.

In addition, some patients with corns on their feet can peel off the hard calluses on the affected area, apply wind oil essence, and fix it with tape. Change it once a day, and the corns will fall off in about half a month;

Adding a few drops of wind essential oil to the bath water can have a very good relief effect for people with prickly heat.

In addition, diseases such as frostbite, oral ulcers, etc., can be cured by applying wind oil essence.


Put 3~5 drops of Fengyoujing into a spoon and swallow slowly. Try to let the wind oil essence stay in the throat for a period of time, which can relieve the sore throat to a certain extent. It is worth noting that the elderly and children should pay attention to reducing the dosage when using this method.

4. Although wind oil is good, don't blindly pursue stimulation

A certain Internet celebrity surnamed Han applied balsamic essence to her skin because her skin was bitten by mosquitoes during the live broadcast. While she was applying balsamic essence, many netizens coaxed her to drip the balsamic essence into her private parts and give her a gift after the dripping. At that time, the netizens in the live broadcast room were booing. The anchor did not resist the temptation and put a few drops of balsamic essence into his private parts.

Within five seconds, she felt a sharp pain. Going to the toilet to clean didn't help. In the end, because of the unbearable pain, she urgently turned off the live broadcast and dialed 120 to go to the hospital for treatment.

In life, examples like this abound.

Although the wind oil essence is good, it cannot be placed in these places, including the private parts, eyes, and wounds.

The menthol contained in the wind essential oil is irritating, and direct contact with the wound will cause a very strong pain, and will affect the recovery of the wound, which is very unfavorable for the recovery of the disease; and our eyes are very sensitive parts, wind Some mint ingredients in the oil will cause adverse irritation to the eyes, causing symptoms such as redness and stinging in the eyes.

In many cases, these symptoms need to go to the hospital for cleaning to relieve them; and the human body's private mucosa is very fragile and delicate, and it can't bear the irritating substances such as wind oil, and once it comes into contact with it, it will cause severe pain. In addition, the camphor contained in fengyoujing has certain toxicity, which will bring unnecessary burden to health.

In life, you must not try to use the balsamic essence in these parts, and wash it with clean water in time when it is accidentally dropped. When the water is ineffective, seek medical treatment in time without delay.

Wind essential oil is a very common product in life, we must choose the right use, do not step into the misunderstanding and bring some unnecessary impact on health.

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